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Vencedor Valentin Nadolu, de Bucareste, com os cartazes abaixo:

Long ago in a galaxy not so different from our own…

EPISODE 1: The Socialist Menace

Turmoil has engulfed the Galactic Republic. The taxation of trade routes to outlying star systems is in dispute.

While the congress of the Republic endlessly debates who should pay more taxes, the Supreme Chancellor has secretly dispatched two Austrian Knights, Carl-Gonn Jinn and Mises-Wan Kenobi, the guardians of the free market to settle the conflict.

Back at home, Princess Praxmidala is doing her best to fend off Socialist propaganda and promote the ideas of the free market.

Arriving on Tatooine, the Knights find young Johnny Skywalker, a promising young fellow in the field of economics. While they want him trained in the ways of the free market, there are reservations as to how much of it he will eventually understand.

They decide to take him with them and train him, but as they leave the Tatooine with the two robots P3nn and T3ll3r, they’re greeted by the sinister Darth Che, a ruthless killer out to get revenge on the Austrians.

They dispose of him quickly with their precision laser arguments: sound logic and historical knowledge as his allegiance to the Dark Side was not enough to protect him against his greatest weakness: lack of economic literacy.


EPISODE 2: Attack Of The Bailouts

There is unrest in the Galactic Senate. Several thousand solar systems have declared their intentions to secede from the Republic. The Senate is in total control of the money supply throughout the galaxy. Count Booku, the ruthless leader of the GRS (Galactic Reserve System) is using his unlimited power to create money to bail out the Big Three, the largest ship builders in the galaxy, the banks and the insurance companies after the big Planet Bubble of 5600.

To his side he has General Stiglious, once a respected economist, now corrupted by the Dark Interventionist Side and transformed him into a evil robotic econometrician.

Years after his departure from Tatooine, Johnny Vader trained and his knowledge of economics grew but old and wise Master Yothda, leader of the Austrian Council still has his doubts as to if he can truly understand the Freemarket. He was not alone in his fears as Mace Sowell, one of the elders of the council feared that Johnny’s unconstrained vision might cloud his judgment.


EPISODE 3: Revenge Of The Marxists

War! The Republic is crumbling after the bailouts of Count Booku. People from all over the galaxy are more and more supportive of a totalitarian regime by the Chancellor Karlpatine who promised them equality for all.

In a stunning move, the Chancellor reveals himself as Darth Marxious, the eldest and most powerful Lord of the Dark Interventionist Side, whose ability to disguise his evil intentions as promises of equality and fairness have evaded most.

His persuasion even determined young Johnny Skywalker to turn to the Dark Side and fight against the Austrians.

In his first fight against them, his lack of training was evident as his arguments were no match for Mises-Wan, who defeated him on Mustafar and left him broken on the side of a volcano.

This was not the last the Austrians heard of Johnny, as Darth Marxious reconstructed him into a econometrician fighting machine and named him Darth Keynes.


EPISODE 4: A New Hoppe

It is a period of civil unrest. Rebel managed to learn the plans to the Empire’s ultimate weapon, the DEBT STAR, an armored space bank with enough power to destroy an entire planet.

Pursued by the Empire’s sinister propaganda Princess Rand races home aboard her starship, narrowly  missing the clutches of Darth Keynes’ gigantic spaceship, The Inflator!

Once home, she dedicates herself in convincing her people that the objective reality conflicts with the reality described by the Empire’s socialist propaganda.

Meanwhile, on a distant sand planet, Mises-Wan is training his young apprentice F.A. Skywalker into the ways of the Freemarket and once his training complete, they enlist the help of the smuggler Jan Soto and his spaceship: The Millennium Entrepreneur to get through the Empire’s blockade and reach Princess  Rand’s home planet.


EPISODE 5: The Keynesians Strike Back

It is a dark time for the Rebellion. Under the rule of Keynes, the Empire grew stronger on the backs of the people and The Dark Lord used every single credit he created to find and destroy all the Austrians.

His main target was young F.A., whose work in the field of economics had fuelled the Rebellion and broken through the dark veil of Intervention.

The duel between F.A. and Keynes was a close one but Keynes managed to get the upper hand and injured F.A., revealing his darkest secret to him: he was a fellow economist too! Disappointed and injured F.A. barely manages to escape Keynes and flees aboard The Millennium Entrepreneur with Jan Soto and his trusty sidekick Chewblocka, well-known throughout the galaxy as a ruthless defender of the Freemarket.


EPISODE 6: Return Of The Austrians

Broken down by the last boom and bust cycle, the Empire decides to rebuild the Debt Star, now bigger and more powerful than ever. To aid in raising the insane amounts of credits needed for such an endeavor, Keynes enlists the aid of the well-known media mogul: Jabba the Moore, an expert of propaganda and friend of the Dark Side. But his number one lieutenant Salacious B. Krug, the official voice of the Dark Side never had the courage to face Wobert W. Wurphy in a public debate so the image of the Empire’s ruling class diminished.

In the end, propaganda is no match for truth and truth is where the Austrians ruled. Their relentless attacks on the Empire have convinced people throughout the galaxy that central planning is the road to serfdom and that the goal of civilization should be a strive for a new liberty. It is even said that Keynes, the Dark Lord himself accepted the errors of his way on his deathbed.

Despite his demise, the threat of the Debt Star persists and people throughout the galaxy find themselves fighting the eternal war between freedom and coercion, between truth and lies as F.A. fought Keynes and Yothda fought Marxious way before their time.


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Dia do Rothbard 2012 – 2 de março

Como forma de homenagear o legado do grande economista e pai do movimento libertário moderno Murray N. Rothbard, foi celebrado no dia 2 de março, na Romênia,  o 1º Dia do Rothbard, que em 2012 se torna um evento internacional.

Um concurso artístico foi realizado na celebração de 2011, e alguns dos trabalhos que concorreram podem ser visualizados abaixo.  O concurso envolvia a adaptação de referências de Rothbard à marcas famosas. Para 2012 foi organizado um concurso ainda maior e mais abrangente.


O Concurso Internacional de Artes Dia do Rothbard 2012 aceita todos os tipos de materiais visuais que destaquem as contribuições de Murray Rothbard para o desenvolvimento das liberdades econômicas e individuais.  Os participantes podem, por exemplo, enviar vídeos (filmes, desenhos), jogos, ilustrações, pinturas, fotos ou qualquer outro tipo de arte, incluindo músicas e esculturas.

As artes devem ser criações originais e todo material deve ser livre de direitos autorais.

O concurso é aberto para indivíduos e grupos, incluindo participantes institucionais.

Cada participante pode enviar apenas uma arte.

Os participantes do concurso devem concordar com a publicação de seus nomes pelas organizações participantes, e com o livre uso de suas obras, sendo que o nome do autor será citado.


Os trabalhos enviados serão analisados por um júri formado pelos representantes das instituições organizadoras, cada uma com direito a um voto. (Interessados em patrocinar este evento patrocinando o concurso entrem em contato)  Em caso de empate na primeira colocação, uma nova rodada de escolha será realizada entre os membros do júri, até que seja determinado um único vencedor.


O júri irá escolher somente um vencedor. O valor do prêmio pode aumentar se outras organizações confirmarem participação no concurso. O valor do prêmio atual é de US$1.200. (mil e duzentos dólares americanos)


Todas os participantes devem enviar seus trabalhos até o dia 15 de fevereiro de 2012.

O vencedor será anunciado no dia 25 de fevereiro de 2012.


É de responsabilidade do vencedor lidar com possível extorsão (impostos sobre premiação) por parte do grupo criminoso que domina o território que ele vive.

Visite o site do concurso: Rothbard Day 2012



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